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Get Faster...Faster!
The Secret Weapon of the best Triathletes 
Are you Getting Left Behind?
If you're like most triathletes, you work your ass off.  
And that hard work is a badge of honor! 

The problem is...your wasting time, effort and energy. 
Missing out on time with your family and making life harder for yourself.
Too many triathletes fall victim to the "work harder" mentality, 
because they don't know there's a better way.
Lifesparq has devoted over sixty years to helping athletes reach their full potential. 
We know the science and fine tuned the art of elite performance.  

We know it takes much more than just hard physical work. 
And we're going to show you exactly how to get the results you REALLY WANT.
                                                     - Lauren A.
                                                    - Sebastian H.
                                                     - Caroline P.
It's Time to Use the System That's Helped Thousands Earn Incredible Results!
The fundamental principles included in LIFESPARQ'S TRAINING ADVANTAGE SYSTEM have been utilized for decades to help athletes dramatically improve results.  We've fine tuned and enhanced our system to be short, direct and produce the results you really want.

The fundamental secret to success with for the athletes who use this system, is the focus on the two "Primary Control Factors" for elite performance.

To ensure both factors are adequately developed, we created a proven system for integrating our training into your workouts to produce more effective results. 

So, are YOU ready to learn more about our Training Advantage System?
Effective Performance Upgrades Require a Two-Level Approach
Our Training Advantage System is more than just education.  

We guide your through an easy to follow system of steps and then show you how to effectively act on what you've learned in your physical workouts on day one.  This program is comprehensive and effectively covers all the core components necessary to make you a higher caliber triathlete!

When you order our Training Advantage System today, you'll have instant access to:
Our Free Guide to Upgrading Your Performance
Learn the fundamentals associated with the Training Advantage System. This knowledge will immediately change the way you look at training and start the process of enhancing your core performance habits.

By starting here, you can gain better awareness of where we'll be headed next, and start with both feet through the door, helping you achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. 
The Good to Great Series ($39 Value)
This nine video series will guide you through better understanding the fundamentals to creating the same habits as elite athletes.  These mini-training sessions get you thinking, then immediately improving on your current habits to produce higher quality results.

Not only will this information help you perform at a higher level, but it will ensure your body and mind are working at peak levels to begin producing higher quality results from day one.  
21-Day Mental Strength Boot Camp ($197 Value)
To upgrade your habits and get faster, you need to flip the training paradigm upside down.  You don't build mental strength by osmosis during your workout.  In fact, you're wasting valuable time when you subscribe to that notion.  You've got to actively train your mind to build the mental strength required to reach any goal you set for yourself.

You simply can't neglect actively training your mind.  It's the control center for everything!  We've laid out our program to make this training possible and highly effective to promote higher quality hard work....and ultimately, better results.
21-Day Sports Nutrition Boot Camp ($197 Value)
There's absolutely no point in physical or mental training if you're not fueling your mind and body properly.  It's not a matter of just "getting through" the workouts.  It's a matter of knocking the workouts out of the park! And your nutrition dictates how well this gets done.  

In this 21-day program, you'll learn from one of the leading registered sports dietitians in the United States.  She'll coach you through the what, when, how and why to fuel your body for incredibly high performance.  Follow this program and you'll be able to build high quality training habits just like the collegiate and pro athletes she works with.
Elite Athlete Recipe Plan ($19.99 Value)
We wouldn't leave you hanging and not provide some tasty, healthy and make ahead meals to keep your nutrition on track.  Each of our recipes are sports dietitian created for endurance athletes looking for maximum energy throughout their training day.  

We've even tapped into our second registered sports dietitian on staff to create these recipes for you.  Starting with an incredibly healthy and fast breakfast options, we cover all the meals and snacks you need throughout your day. Each recipe is easy to follow and designed for the athlete on the go in mind.
Each contribution to the TRAINING ADVANTAGE SYSTEM builds on the previous element to create a staircase to better results. The progression from week to week ensures you develop the base knowledge, understanding and practical application skills to produce higher quality results from workout to workout and build effective habits for high performance over the course of your training season. You simply will not find a program like this anywhere else, taught by coaches with our world-class experience and understanding!
We Guarantee this works - Or Your Money Back!
This is a program of the highest quality, backed by years of knowledge and experience. We've laid it out with an easy to follow plan with everything you need to develop higher quality habits to produce more speed, power, strength, endurance, technique - all built around higher quality thought, attitude, effort & habits.

We're so confident this will make you a better athlete we've put a 60-day 100% money back guarantee on it. If you're not seeing better results by the end of the program we'll refund 100% of your order.
The response to our Training Advantage System has been simply awesome AND thousands of athletes have improved incredibly fast.
But don't just take our word for's what some of our real athletes who've used this program and these concepts have to say about it:
"This program has made such a difference in my training.
The results I'm getting now are incredible!"
Sebastian H.
"This program has done miracles in helping my athletes develop skills 
to combat the daily stresses of athletics, academics and life."
Mark M.
(Mark is a coach who has his entire team in the program)
"Your program IS AWESOME!
It's the perfect length each day to me help get some incredible things done. Thanks!"
Chris W.

"Re-programming my habits was pretty tough.  Completely worth the hard work!  I'm a totally different athlete after going through this program!"
Lauren A.
We've packed over $450 worth of training, nutrition and performance knowledge into the Training Advantage System, because we want every athlete to reach his or her full athletic potential.  We normally offer this program for $197.
For a limited time, we're offering our program for $110 off! That's an amazingly low $87 for the complete Training Advantage System

Start getting faster today and place your order now!
This offer won't last long!
Make me Faster Today for Just $87 (Save $110!!)
P.S. The Training Advantage System, developed by Lifesparq's High Performance Coaching Team, is guaranteed to help you build higher quality performance habits for better results in just seven weeks—or your money back.  With video coaching, audio coaching, charts, recipes and our easy to follow action guide, you'll have everything you need to upgrade your workouts and results. For just one payment of $87 you can own all of this today and have your fastest and best season ever.  Act now!
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